Forza Horizon : Rally Pack DLC review

Forza Horizon : Rally DLC Review


With the Horizon festival heating up, out in the outskirts of Colorado is the first Horizon Rally Championship. So has Microsoft pushed Colin Mcrae from his crown and made this open-world racer top dog?

If you felt you need more racing fun, Turn 10 and Playground studios brings there take on the rally world with this first expansion pack. The first thing you will notice is you can select the rally from the main menu of the game and with that events can be selected and started right away, this leaves you not riding around Colorado at your own pace.With the main game you can drive around Colorado without any care of what’s happening a see the sites blur past you while you drive down the freeway, well this piece of content felt rather out of place and a little weird to jump from event to event without getting the chance to explore a new section of the world.So away from the busy streets you arrive at a dirt road full of an opportunity to take the rally championship finals and take the championship crown, but first you must race through 7 different events and each divided into four legs of racing against the clock.

Once you get the feel of the rally events you start to make your progress easy towards the championship finals, new tracks are opened up as soon as a rally is completed, regardless of your performance. Doing well is really important if you want to get to the finals, it’s worth noticing that there can be a jump in difficulty spikes and this can be frustrating at times even playing on normal. Even on the normal setting the AI driver times are pretty tough to beat and are certainly a welcome challenge. To really understand how you are doing on the track is somewhat misplaced, you are racing along the track and racing against the clock and once past a checkpoint you will know how you are faring. What surprised me with this content is you have a co-driver that actually tells you what’s coming up on the track instead of the GPS you have in the main game.

There’s very little new of cars to drive in this expansion, you are able to convert your entire garage to rally form and there is only a couple of rally cars to buy and that does not give you much to play with. You are very limited to choose the rally cars and by limited there is only 5 new cars to play with. The content feels somewhat disconnected from the rest of Forza Horizon, nothing you do in it really matters one bit. It doesn’t affect your career in Horizon proper at all. You can make some decent money in Horizon Rally to put towards your Horizon career, but nothing you do in the DLC furthers your progress in the main game or changes anything that goes on  in it.

Is the expansion pack worth the 1600 Microsoft points? Well if you want to have a couple of new tracks and also multiplayer events then this content is in your spot, but there is more to spend 1600 points on and this content is not it. Playground studios have made a decent attempt to bring the rally experience to Horizon but let things slide with not letting you explore the Colorado area and see the sites away from the busy streets.


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